Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mentor Me

I am pleased to say that I will be a part of the Mentor Me programme at 15 Queen Street Colchester. It is the opportunity to work alongside a professional and build my skills and knowledge as a designer. Each candidate was to produce a piece of design work that represents themselves. We then met with the mentors and promoted ourselves with the help of our chosen work.
My idea was a book that represents me in every aspect. The vivid orange cover shows that I am a positive person who enjoys using colour. The string that holds the hardback cover to the book is simply wrapped around the centre pages then fastened to give the illusion it is never-ending. This orange string is my journey, giving the idea that I want the Mentor me scheme to be the next part of my journey in teaching me the trades in Art and Design. I called the book ‘Chapter 3?’ as if to say is Mentor me my chapter 3. Chapter one is a bit about me, what I enjoy to do in spare time and artists I have looked at. Chapter 2 consists of projects I have done and explanations such as what the brief was, what I learnt from the project, what I was pleased with. It felt fitting that the Mentor me scheme would therefore be the next chapter in my education. I kept the middle pages blank with the orange thread visible to show that before Chapter 2, before I start a new project, there is always a sense of uncertainty until you figure out what to do for the project.

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