Thursday, 6 June 2013


Eating Disorder Awareness

B-eat is an organisation focused on helping sufferers and carers of people with an eating disorder. 
I have recently been working on my Final Major Project based on this organisation. I would encourage anyone to go check the website out to maybe learn something new and demolish the stigma attached to eating disorders.

This is the most recent campaign. If you would like more information on how you can be apart of helping others and creating awareness please go to the b-eat website.

Screen Printing Anyone?


I absolutely love experimenting with various processes to complete a project. Screen printing is a very fun process, I would encourage anyone who hasn't to try it. DIY or in a printing studio many different effects can be produced and transform your work. 


I have found this website quite useful to start some creative 
brainstorming. It helps some times to get down all your first 
thoughts on one page to spark an idea for the project.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mentor Me

I am pleased to say that I will be a part of the Mentor Me programme at 15 Queen Street Colchester. It is the opportunity to work alongside a professional and build my skills and knowledge as a designer. Each candidate was to produce a piece of design work that represents themselves. We then met with the mentors and promoted ourselves with the help of our chosen work.
My idea was a book that represents me in every aspect. The vivid orange cover shows that I am a positive person who enjoys using colour. The string that holds the hardback cover to the book is simply wrapped around the centre pages then fastened to give the illusion it is never-ending. This orange string is my journey, giving the idea that I want the Mentor me scheme to be the next part of my journey in teaching me the trades in Art and Design. I called the book ‘Chapter 3?’ as if to say is Mentor me my chapter 3. Chapter one is a bit about me, what I enjoy to do in spare time and artists I have looked at. Chapter 2 consists of projects I have done and explanations such as what the brief was, what I learnt from the project, what I was pleased with. It felt fitting that the Mentor me scheme would therefore be the next chapter in my education. I kept the middle pages blank with the orange thread visible to show that before Chapter 2, before I start a new project, there is always a sense of uncertainty until you figure out what to do for the project.

Marion Deuchar

A friend of mine recomended I took a look at Marion Deuchars website, they have a specific passion for illustration and I am interested in improving my illustration skills.
I found the website and the work very inspirational because of how widesperead and covers a variety of working styles.

World Changing Wonders

One of my most recent projects was title 'World Wonders', the brief was to produce an artists' book that celebrates a specific world wonder of our choice. The work that charities acomplish and the drive the workers have even though most are volunteers, I find astonishing. Thousands of charities exist and without them our world would be a very different place. I have produced a concertina book that uses a bold pink colour with black and white tonal screen prints to show this passion charities have. Cut out sections highlight areas, such as the 'boobie for life' in hot pink in the above image. This is the image I have designed before the screen printing process.

London Print Fair

I was slightly disapointed that I found out about the London Print Fair a little too late. It is something I will definitely be going to next year, especially to hear the lectures by a particular artist. This year it was Peter Blake about his screen printing. Luckily I can catch up as the lecture can be found here: The fair consists of many contrasting artists and designers, meaning there should be something for everyone to appreciate. From comtemporary Prints and Artists' Books by Paupers Press
to 19th & 20th Century British Paintings, Prints and Sculpture produced by The Fine Art Society